Monday, 22 July 2019

Meteora, Greece (1), 6 Jan 2019.

I just couldn't take Meteora off my mind the night before, not when we were so close! And so we decided to go ahead with the plan, to Meteora! We brought all our luggage along in case we couldn't make it a day trip and back to Delphi, till this day I am still very glad with the decision even though we have to sacrifice the chance of revisit the Unesco site again.

In the morning, after breakfast in the hotel, it was time to bid farewell to them.

Then we drove towards Meteora and when the view was extremely beautiful outside the window, I couldn't help but to get so excited!

It was like looking at something right from the screen only that it was real! 

The winding hilly roads from Delphi is full of twist and turns and every turns is a view of natural beauty of the slope of Mount Parnassus! 

It was magical!

This was how thick the snow was!
It was such a delightful sight!
Real winter wonderland!
The winding stretch of mountain road to the skii area. 

Then we found that the landscape had change to flat lands, vast flat lands.

Stopped to use the toilet at a local restaurant.
Finally! Got to do this!

We were then out of the hilly slopes and back on the flat lands. Still it was beautiful..

Fairy tales.....
Stopped for petrol after the mountain roads.
The landscape is now flat
I have no word for what I feel ....

Passing thru a few tunnels and paying quite a few tolls.

We stopped to buy some snacks at a petrol kiosk.

The price of fuel, full tank about 500MYR.

And all the sudden, the view in front changed drastically! 

Massive rocks formation is the theme now!

And we have arrived at the town of a beautiful name, Kalambaka.

Without wasting time, we drove directly to the first Monastery. 

The journey had not only brought the experience to the next level but had actually brought the fascination of the nature to the max! 

The changing of the landscape is dramatic!