Monday, 14 July 2014

And The Mountains Echoed


Khaled Hosseini的第三部。。。。


虽有心理准备,但还是失望了。开始的几个chapter还好,看到第六、七、八的时候就不行了,再来个九时,心里不得不 “不是吧?”。






尽管如此, 我还是很喜欢作者的写法,那种简单的陈述,却能带出浓浓的情感。


Miniature Perfume and Decoupage

When I was young-er, like all other young girls, I like to wear perfume. I wore perfume so that I smell fresh and nice everyday in the office. Colleagues used to commend about how the scent lingered on when I passed by and I remembered feeling really wonderful.

My very first perfume was Poison which was a real hit then. It was a birthday gift. I always cherish and it stays my favorite all these while.

It was only when I worked in a fragrance company that I got the chance to collect all these miniatures. The miniatures are very cute because most of them measured less than 5cm. And the fact that the designs of the bottles are very attractive and some are really unique.

My all time favorite, Poison by none other than Christian Dior.

c'est la vie (this is life), Christian Lacroix, very beautiful curve-shaped bottle.

Flower by Kenzo, very refreshing ....

Cleaning them is not a joke.
pour femme, for the feminine..... 

Christian Dior- Diorissimo, Fahrenheit , Dune .
YSL - Paris, Versace and so on...

Beautiful names - Talisman & Lyra, the one in the shape of a leaf is by Kenzo. 

pour home, for the masculine......

Kenzo, Chavenon, Hugo Boss, Guy Laroche.
The twisted bottle is Montana with very sweet scent, simple rectangular bottle with one-sided cap is Prada

As I posted in my previous blog, I tried my hand on decoupage in the little black shelf that house all these little bottles. 
Painting on wood is easy.


Working through the night...

When it's done.........

There, looking sweet and definitely beautiful!
Totally transformed!
So the ugly black house is now fully transformed into white with pink and green napkin cuttings. It is that simple and effortless. I am now paying my attention to the larger items in the house, for example, the spiral staircase railing....too ambitious? Let's wait and see!

Vol  De Nuit, Guerlain, what a beautiful name!