Friday, 7 July 2017

Student Exchange Programme

💖 Bao had been saying that why the application open only in early May, because that was the time she would prepare for the finals for first sem. Second sem starts in July giving us only 2 months time.
She drives to the campus on her own during the weekend to study in the library.
Anyway, we sent in the application form accordingly and received the offer letter on the 8th of May.

- First of all, we were informed to pay for the:-

Overseas Student Health Insurance Cover (Single): AUD $423 (OSHC amount due for 8 months)

together with the acceptance form.

- On 12 May, we received the CoE (Oversea student Confirmation-of-Enrolment).

- With this, we could proceed to apply for Visa which she did on 16th of May.

Student Visa Sub Class 500 application came in a form of some 20++ pages to fill. (AUD550)

Hair trimmed and colored before departure.
- Meanwhile, she and her friends had been searching for accommodation to share which turned out not so fruitful as they found out that a lot of accommodations required a lease term of 12 months.

There is only one accommodation offer a lease term of 1 sem but it's a single room. Good things is it's en suite and it's within walking distance. The downside is the lease end in 31 Jan which means for the last 2 months we will have to pay for nothing if she choose to come back in Nov when the exam is over.
I went to the bank on 23 May, to do a TT of AUD1,083.30 as security deposit which equals to 1 month rental when there is no better alternative.

The shoes and skin care in zipper plastic bags.
Then we waited for the Visa approval.....and was wondering whether the medical check-up is compulsory.

Enquiries sent to various channels and the replies were uncertain. The campus here offered talk on the program and they too not sure.

Bao then checked with some of her friends who are already study there and the answer was compulsory.

- So the father sent her to the designated clinic to get it done. It was a very simple test and the cost is RM250.00
Skin cares, toiletries, int adapter, multiple plug, etc....
When we learned that her friends received the Visas the day after the medical test, and we did not, we got panicked.

For the next few days, we were so stressed worrying about the mistakes in the application form.

Then she found out that the info on the parents part was not filled. She quickly got it rectified on 29 May and finally received the visa on 31 May. It was really a huge relief for us.

- On 30 May, I made the payment for air ticket special offered by Mas at RM2,489.00.

Down comforter, pillow and quilt cover from Ikea. Vacuum pack bags from daiso.
The hostel is not providing bedding linen at all.
On 21 June, we were informed that the travel insurance is a must. So we quickly contacted the insurance agent and it was done within 2 days time costing RM1.3k.

So blessed to have them who drove all the way from Sg on 25 June just to show their support. The gratitude I feel is driving me to tears!!
Some even changed into AUD, my dear sister, beloved niece Tess, nephews Desmond and Jamesmond.
Not forgetting Bao's godmother's also in AUD.
With this, I did not have to go to the currency exchange for the initial stage
Vacuuming the packing.
Bao's aunt, the father's only sister, dropped by 2 days before she flew with some"pocket money" as she put it. She gave good advise as she has 2 daughters studying in London.
The next day she called up Bao's father to buy her a backpack which he told her it's not necessary. 
The luggage...
She said she needs the plush toy....
Smaller luggage.
Vacuum packed.
Finally yesterday the father sent her to the airport at 6.45pm for her flight at 10.10pm.

The tears the mother and the daughter has been carefully and painfully holding on for so long finally dropped when she hugged her mother tightly just before she stepped into the car!!