Monday, 5 January 2015

Some special day 3 - Janda Baik

We decided to drive out of town today after spending the whole day in the city the previous day.

I had come across this place called Janda Baik quite some time ago. Looking forward to somewhere secluded and nice.

Picture from the net. Let's see is this what we can see.
With the help of waze, we drove towards Genting knowing that Janda Baik is somewhere around. At the point where we have to turn right to ascend to Genting Highlands, we were told to turn left. We drove in small but neat country roads for a couple of kms when we noticed the arch.

Nice country roads!
Janda Baik, under district of Bentong, Pahang.
We found ourselves in a small and peaceful Malay village after driving for a short while. Further on, we saw the stream and stopped the car.

The bridge to the other side of the village.
The sound of the flowing water is simply soothing.
The are a number of little huts for rent for those who wants to picnic and dip in the water.

Looks decent enough.
We continued to drive along the road. We saw a lot of signs offering accommodation and decided to check this one out.

Narrow and ascending roads.
Very nice, indeed!!!
After a super sharp and steep turn, we reached the bungalow on top of the hill. And boy! What an upscale kind of accommodation. 

With an entrance like that, it sure cost a bomb!
At the entrance, I spoke to the caretaker. He mentioned that the cost is RM2500/nite for 20 pax. There are 6 rooms and cooking is not allowed. However, they provide meals with additional cost. He gave me the business card with the FB page and the official page.

With his permission, we entered the house. Walking right through it, we came face to face with the infinity pool with stunning view of the valley.
What a find!! Looks incredibly inviting!!
We didn't have the chance to really look around. The caretaker told us that a group was approaching and so we quickly left the place.
Very well taken care off with beautiful surrounding.
We drove down the narrow road saying that how nice if we can get 20 ppl and stay for a night! 
A mere 1 hour drive out of bustling of the city, we found ourselves in this ambience! Love it!

A cabin along the way.
In fact, there are quite a number of accommodation alike in this area. It will make a very good gathering for a family or even friends. Great way to unwind the busy mind and rejuvenate the tired soul.

The one we visited is the one at the far top. There is another on at the lower ground.


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