Friday, 9 January 2015

LOTR 50th Anniversary Edition

A few days before our Penang trip, I heard Bao telling herself " OMG !! I MUST HAVE IT !!  I REALLY GOT TO GET IT !!" . I looked at her and she showed it to me. A teacher had shared it on her FB page.

It appeared on the page of the Big Bad Wolf 2014 -  LOTR 50th Anniversary Edition. But we won't be able to go because we would be in Penang. It might be out of stocks when we came back from Penang. I suggested to ask someone to buy it. She managed to ask the favor from her teacher.

When were back, the father drove her to the teacher's house and collected the book. The moment I saw it, I told myself it's really a bargain to own it at only RM75. It's simply exquisite!!

The great book with it's casing!

The back of the cover.
First, I noticed that symbol on the spine which looks like a Chinese character and it looks really nice among the English letters.  
Bao said this is the author's symbol, combination of J. R. R. T. !!
Close-up of the cover. Very beautiful hot stamping.
The Elvish language at the back of the book in hot stamping too.
Then the edge of the pages in Gold and it's about 6.5cm thick.

The cover page.
There are 2 maps attached at the back of the hard cover .

The map of Middle Earth.
Here, Mordor, Gondor and Rohan.
The Elvish language.
This is it among other books on the shelf.
On the shelf in her bedroom. I am not allowed to touch it without her consent.
This is really great as a collection for the fans like Bao. She really treasure it a lot, she got mad with me when she noticed a slight tear after I touched it. She then stick a note saying no one is allowed to touch without permission. What a joke!! 

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