Thursday, 29 January 2015

One Sunday Morning

Last Sunday morning, the mother and the daughter decided to have their breakfast at a café they frequented in the neighborhood.

Before they left, the conversation went :

     - hv you got your handphone? yes
     - my handphone? yes
     - ipad? yes
     - ok, lets go.

And so they drove to the café, sat down, made their orders. While waiting for the food, they both busied themselves with the devices they have. When the food arrived, they ate and chatted and gossiped about other patrons in the café as usual.

When they were contented with the food warm in their stomach, the mother took the ugly recycled bag from some boutique and started to fumble for the purse and...... she stared at the daughter and said ....

    - I don hv my purse (with a big grin)
    - wat??? 
      - you remember the phones and the ipad and not the purse?
        - brilliant mi!! great job!!
    - now wat??
    - u drive home and I wait here
    - huh????
    - just go!!!!

So the mother drove like a mad woman making U-turns and passing a few traffic light to reach home and backed to the café some 15mins later. The daughter was seen with a "blacked" face :

   - wat took u so long??
   - eh, u think our hse is just at the back lane ah??
   - I need to go to the toilet!!!
   - why din u??
   - I was afraid that the staff wld think tat I was trying to run off!! they were eyeing me fr the corner
   - go now lor....
And so the episode ended with :

  - this is not the first time u know...
     - can u pls help me by reminding me...
       - u know yr ma is getting old...
  - yayaya...okoko
     - remember tat time.....u forgot....
       - ya...and u found it in yr bag...
  - hahaha....
  - ya...hahaha!!!

I am just saying that the life we live now is all about smart phones and gadgets. At home, when I am going upstairs , I always make sure I bring along my phone forgetting the glasses and other stuff and cursing when I reach the floor.

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