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Taiwan Round Island Trip dec 2009 (2)

In Kaoshiong, we were first brought to FoGuangShan, the biggest monastery in Taiwan. It was founded by the renowned 星雲法師 in 1967. Since then, there were other subsidiaries in other part of the world and there is one in Jenjarom.
The main hall , 大雄宝殿。
Around the big monastery.
Big bronze statue.
We were also being brought to the Dragon & Tiger pagoda by the Lotus Lake. I remember when everybody was on board the bus to leave, there was a lady in our tour went missing and the guide had to go around to look for her. She was found busied herself with some stuff she wanted to buy.
The pagoda of Tiger and Dragon.
Lake Lotus is a big lake in Kaoshiong.
Though sunning but the temperature was low.
Then we traveled 7 hours in the bus all the way to Hualien and we had crossed the island from the west to the east with some small stops along the way.  The worries that I had before this episode didn't exist as Bao was enjoying the funny video they played .

We were treated to the cultural show there at night. 
The highlight of the whole tour and the reason I chose this tour is specially for the Taroko Gorge National Park.  
At the point they stopped the bus and let us got down.
The weather was quite cold when we were there. There we were being introduced to the few spots in the Park. No chance to wonder around the huge park on our own. But I was quite impressed with the narrow gorge squeezed in between high and almighty cliff. It was really a regret that we couldn't spend some time to appreciate the beauty of this place.
We had to put on the helmet for the falling rocks. The background of the steep.
 Look how narrow the cliff is. 九曲洞.
Looking down.....

The Must-Stop spot.
After that, we were brought to a marble factory. This is another "requirement", something the travel agent need to do is to bring the tourist to visit Taiwan made products.

We had no interest at all, so we waited outside.
No doubt they are very finely made.

To be continued.....

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