Thursday, 15 January 2015

Hong Kong Disneyland (1)

At the entrance.
We went to this dreamland in 2008 when Bao was still living in the world of fairy tales.....don't want to wait until she outgrows it.

But to our astonishment, we, the adults were also having a lot of fun there!

Indeed, we lost ourselves in this fantasy world.

First, we found ourselves at the Main Street that lined with exquisite shops on both sides of the street. 

Dared not to spend too much time here, we made some brief stops before we walked further in and met these 2 princes by the road. And Bao asked to kiss princess Belle and the princess immediately lower herself and offered her cheek. Princess Aurora talked to her and said she like Bao's hair syle.

Hello Aurora.....hello Belle...nice to meet you!

And....look....who is this?

Then, we reached the parade street and like others, we sat down by the curb and waited. When the music was heard, and the first in line came into view, we were so excited.

The atmosphere was just sooo great!
Here comes Mickey and the gang!!

Alice ...... and the wonderland!!!

Arial hidden among the sea, Donald, Chipmunk, the Toy Sory.

When it was over, we continued to stroll along and when we came upon photo session with Mickey, the line was just far too long. We couldn't afford to waste the time , so we took photos with "not-so-populars", like...

Good old Pluto ..

Goofy and Winnie the pooh. 

Though it was not a super peak season, the lines to certain attractions were seen far too long to queue. There were signs on every attraction to indicate the waiting time, some were as long as 1 hour. As we only had 1 day to cover the whole park, we had no choice but to give up on those spots. 

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