Thursday, 26 July 2018

A Day Trip to Tanjung Sepat/Jugra/Jenjarom (2)

On the way down the hill, we stopped for this ruin.
Next on the list, is the Royal Mausoleum.

Was caught in this traffic situation.
At the gate of the mausoleum, only I was allowed because the other 2 attires were not deemed appropriate.
So I went in all by myself leaving the 2 of them eating bao while waiting.

It is striking in Golden Yellow and White.
It may be small in size, but it is very neat and in tip-top condition.

                                          They are nicely constructed and well maintain.

                                     In various sizes. I didn't go near afraid of offending.

                                                                          The royal deceased.


                                              This is bigger and some are housed under the annex.
We then drove towards another and the last in the list, the Istana Bandar.

                                                    A brand new mosque by the roadside.
                          May not be ancient yet but definitely old palace, Istana Bandar.

                                                 Something really worth preserving.
                                                                 In the courtyard.

                                                                   Love this corner.

                                                                    A lot of picture perfect corner.
                                                     wish we had more time but it was time to close.

                                                              Compound within compound.

                                 Wish that the authority do a better job than just keep it empty.

The sun was setting and we have to think of a place for dinner. Then I thought of a place which we had not been to. Upon checking, it is only 20km away.

And there we were...Dong Zeng temple.

                                                        "Looking back is the shore"....haha......

                                                                    Really beautiful orchid here.

                                                                   Well maintained landscape.

          Peace and

                                                     It is rather small compare to the one in Taiwan.

                                                        Lumbini, Buddha 's birth place in Nepal.

                                                                         Giant lantern at the corner.

                                                            Piggy ride at every place we visited.

The day trip ended with a blessed dinner at a seafood restaurant by the river with beautiful sunset.

                                                                   Seafood dinner by the riverbank.

                                                           Dine with the sunset was really blissful.

We had another great day trip with unintentional find in the old royal town of Jugra. The Lighthouse view is really mesmerising and the Royal Mausoleum plus the Istana making the place worth a visit.

And on the way back, already we were talking about the next trip....

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

A Day Trip to Tanjung Sepat/Jugra/Jenjarom (1)

Tanjung Sepat seafood bahkuteh was just an excuse, it was more for the countryside drive I missed since the last during Qing Ming.

It was around 10.30am when we started out. When we reached at about 11.45am at the shop, we were told it was already sold out. Somehow we were not very disappointed and just drove to the seaside to "look see look see".

Muddy sea and dirty beach....

Not expecting much anyways....

Next we drove to the tiny town. Parked the car and walked around under the hot sun.

Tiny little town reminded me of my growing-up years.

                                                            So much of memories......

The old coffee grinder outside the coffee shop. 

The famous bao shop and the baos were quite tasty indeed.

Settled down and had some snacks and bao in the tiny eatery opposite the bao shop.
The tiny eatery is fulled of local tourist.
Then we proceed to the Mushroom factory for "just-to-be-there" place.

Mushroom cultivation process.

Different types of mushroom.

Mushroom cultivation centre.
When we were on our way to Tanjung Sepat earlier, we passed by this town called Jugra which I remember seeing somewhere that there is a royal mausoleum. And so we decided to check it out since there was not much in Tanjung Sepat.

After Bao googled about Jugra, we drove to the first destination which is the Museum. 

The museum tells the story of  Jugra which was once a royal town.
The ancient tanker.

Mini museum.
                                                               It was also used to be a fort.

                       When we were leaving, we had close encounter with these fellows....

The journey continued with nice zero traffic driving in some tiny villages as we headed to our next destination.

Narrow winding road lead us to the top of the hill with the Jugra Lighthouse.

                               This is what I always miss while living in a concrete jungle.

When we reached the top, we found the lighthouse.

                                                             A normal lighthouse.

What we did not expect to see, was this!

                                                           What a beautiful sight......

                                                      It was really a pleasant surprise.

                                                                   Truly enjoying the view.

   While on the side was this sign. So this is where it is when I saw a program about para-                                                                           gliding in Malaysia.

                                    Maybe we should visit all the lighthouse in Malaysia.

             And before we left, one more shot of the lighthouse which is still functioning.

And the journey continues.....