Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The animal named Alpaca 名叫羊驼的动物

大部分的人看到这些神兽时,都说是llama,其实它们不是llama, 是alpaca,羊驼。

羊驼本生长在南美洲,与llama一样,属于驼类。羊驼一般体积比llama来的小,可能就因为这样,人们饲养羊驼是为了它们身上的毛。它们身上的毛被织成各种各样的衣物來取暖,  而不像llama,  是为了么要它们劳作而饲养

羊驼是很温驯的动物,  完全没有攻击性。我们在西澳的一个迷你农场里与这些温和又可爱的动物有很近距离的接触。围栏里,一群群的羊驼或站或坐的散布在各个角落。当我们看到告示牌写明可以进入时,就轻轻的走入。起初还有点担心,慢慢的发现羊驼们真的很温驯,虽然长得还蛮高,可是就是很温和。

它们身上几乎100%都是又实又厚的毛,给人暖洋洋软绵绵的感觉,有股把它搂在怀的冲动!  加上小小的眼睛,小巧的双耳,真的是很可爱。又有着尖尖的蹄,  好像踮起双脚的芭蕾舞嬢,轻盈、高雅!










Thursday, 22 August 2013

Paddy field with no paddies

When my favorite niece came to visit with her hubby from Singapore 2 weeks ago, we decided to go to Sekinchan to "practice" their photography skill before our year end trip.

We started the journey with Klang "Bak Kut Tea" which is a must whenever they come. Then a pleasant journey brought us to our first stop, Kuala Selangor. Here, we took the train ride up to the Melawati hill, once a fort during the 18th century to fight against the Dutch. There are a few canons and some historical sites. There is also a lighthouse and royal mausoleum for the sultans. Mischievous monkeys with babies in golden yellow color are there to greet the visitors.

Photo shooting around for a while plus the short visit to the museum. Took the ride down to go to the small park. Here, there is a miserable aquarium with some mangroves. I expected to see some real nice mangroves but it's not the case.

Lighthouse on top of the hill.

The ride.

Then we drove further to Sekinchan, the destination of our outings. Had lunch in a restaurant in the fishing village. With much expectation, we drove to the awaiting Green vast of paddy field. It was not the first for us but it was the first for the couple from Singapore.

Fishing village.

But what greeted us was not the longing green vast of paddy carpet, instead it was grey, brown and dried vast of land! What the h....! Looks like the paddies has just been harvested......we could only laugh at our luck.

Nevertheless, we still took photos, with the bare flat lands, from the Chinese temple. Then we drove around the field and we reached the edge of the field and was happy to see some ponds. The sight of which is actually quite nice with the setting sun. A true pleasant surprise!

What a beautiful scenery.

When the golden sun was slowly approaching the horizon, the view was spectacular! We enjoyed the view very much. It was really a sight to behold.

This is taken on our previous trip few years back.

Sekinchan , rice bowl of Selangor, we will sure be back!