Sunday, 4 January 2015

Some Special Day 1 - Petronas Twin Tower Skybridge

We celebrate the day I become a mother in Dec every year.

This year, there was nothing in particular we had in mind. Just wish to spend the day in the city center and have some good times together.

 To avoid disappointment, we went to KL Petronas Twin Tower Skybridge early in the morning. We arrived around 9am and managed to purchase tickets for 10.45am. We then had our breakfast at the Wendy's.

The queue for the tickets.
Quick facts of the Twin Towers.
Breakfast at the Wendy's in KLCC.

We enjoyed the emptiness and the quietness of the mall. Took some photos outside the main entrance with the Xmas tree.

The tip of the towers buried in mist.

The gate at the entrance.

We walked over to the Twin Tower when it was 15 mins before our time as required. Everything is done systematically with the friendly staff around. The tickets are limited and they control the crowd in the area so that it would not be too crowded.

We were ushered to a small area for some safety briefing by a "screen in the air". It looks futuristic.

Then we were sent to the elevator and within seconds, we were at the bridge!

The bridge linked the 2 towers at level 41 & 42.
This is how it looks like.
Looking out from the bridge.
The fountain in front of the entrance from above.
Our poses with the bridge.
About 15-20 mins later, the staff called for Black card holders and we had to follow her to the observation deck at level 86. We were given 15 mins only.

Looking down......
It started to rain when we were there.

Observation deck at level 86, close encounter with tower 1, the twin.
At one point, it was so misty. At another, it was all dark and gloomy! 
Somehow it doesn't look as high as the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower when we went in 2012 where we had a lot of fun at the glass deck though the fact says the otherwise. After about 15 mins, we were informed that it was time for us to leave.

The walkway out of the elevator.

Awaiting for the elevator,.....
We walked to the Aquaria after that hoping for a revisit after umpteen years since she was a little girl. But our hope was smashed when the line was incredibly long with tourist. 

We then had our lunch at the food court followed by 2 hours of window-shopping.


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