Monday, 5 January 2015

Some special day 4 - the Purple Cane Bentong / the Tanarimba Janda Baik

The sign read Tanarimba Janda Baik. The small white sign read Purple Cane.
After Janda Baik, Vivian suggested to drive to Bentong for lunch. On the way, I spotted an unique timber structure and told her to check it out. We came upon the main structure after we parked the car.

As we walked towards the restaurant, we noticed that the big hall is really uniquely constructed from the timber pillars and the glass panels are really quite a sight. We don't know about architecture, but we know that there must be a brilliant mind behind this.
It's quite big and empty. We reckon it must be a hall meant to be rented for special functions.
It's only at the entrance that I realized that this is the Purple Cane.
We were delighted with what we came across. We quickly settled down and order our lunch feeling really excited with the place.

It's all about timber! The pillars are solid and upright tree trunks.

The food was simply delicious! Like the ginger tea very much.
It's part of the main building.
The use of bottle as vase adds a natural touch and further brighten up the counter area.
The green lawn looks great. If only the weather is cooling.

The Restaurant, Purple Cane.

Love the use of rocks on the wall of the wash room.
It's only we got back that I learned from the net that this is an award winning structure. The official site further tells that this is an upscale residential development for individuals to built their dream home. So it's actually not a resort of any sort. 

The weather was fine.
On the way back, we stopped by the KL tower since the day was still early. But decided not to go up to the observation deck because the weather was very gloomy again.

It's pink at the bottom. 
We just roamed around the area for a while. We left when we found out that there's nothing much and also it started to rain.

There are a few miniature traditional Malay houses .
We ended the day out with dinner at our favorite fish ball noodle shop in SS15.

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