Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Jigsaw Puzzle - 6000pcs Art Studio

So this is my latest challenge. Aiming high this time around, I go for 6,000 pieces and Educa of course! After browsing the net on whatever I could find, I decided on this painting entitled "Art Studio". It is classified under "Ultra Extreme", good, I like it, both the picture and the challenge.

Once again, I ordered this from the same place I ordered the Interlude which is in Belgium. This time around, it arrived very fast, about 2 weeks only.

Same packing.
I opened it immediately when I got it and ran my fingers through the pieces and was instantly disappointed. It doesn't feel like the Interlude at all though they are from the same manufacturer. The pieces are not "crispy" to the touch and the surface is obviously not as smooth. I sent an email to Babylon Hobbies and they replied that I should make a complain to Educa directly. I am thinking that it is Babylon I bought from and not Educa.

Cleared dinning table with card board as base.
When I reached home at night, I cleared the dinning table and placed the card boards which I purchased earlier. Looking very neat and it's definitely a good start.

The lot of 6,000pcs in the box.
And so every night and during the weekends, I will have something to keep me occupied instead of playing computer games the whole time. As my girl was saying the other day, "when my mum is too free, she always has crazy ideas, this is one, and she has been talking about getting a sewing machine!!"  

Date received : 9 April, 2014.

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