Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Eyebrows lifting surgery

Never ever in my wildest imagination that I would actually go for plastic surgery in my life, though secretly I DID think about it!

I sent Bao to the renowned skin specialist Dr Ko's clinic for her acne problem about 2 months ago. Dr Ko was recommended to me by the hair stylist I frequented. I sent her to Dr Ranjit Singh in SS15 who is also very popular quite some time ago but it didn't help. Anyway, we went to Dr Ko's in Taipan and I am quite happy with the improvement.

I had been toying with the idea of consulting the young Dr Chan with my own problem right from the beginning. But it was only after a few visits that I found myself comfortable enough to ask for his advise. I started by asking him the ways to improve the area between my eyes. There he went on to explain in the medical terms which I don't really understand but I do understand the key word - Botox, the word I only read about in magazines! And of course I knew it wouldn't last! For 300, even it can only last 3 months, it's still worthwhile!

Botox injection.

Then I further asked him about the heavily drooping eyelids, that was when my heart went beating fast! He said it can be done with a very minor surgery, by cutting off the excessive skin of the eyelids! The cut is done on the eyebrow itself and so it will not be visible. The $$, is 3.5k, acceptable.

Over the next 2 weeks, the idea had been in my mind over and over again and again...until I went for the botox and paid 30% downpayment for the eyebrow lifting surgery.

Til the day before the surgery, I was still asking myself what am I putting myself into. Feeling guilty ... at the same time I know I will not be satisfied unless I really go for it.

And so last Friday morning, the father drove me together with Bao who is having holidays to the clinic. It's huge alright, but not as posh as what I expected it to be.

The property stretch all the way to the left wing.
Anyway, the nurse brought me to one of the rooms after the confirmation of the appt. She took the details and put on a robe on me. Then the surgeon came in and talked for a while. I was confused when he said that the eyes will still looks puffy after the surgery because of the thick fat. I didn't think much about what he said then.

Heavy and drooping eyelids.
I was then made to wait in the room. It was very quiet and I was getting very uncomfortable. Finally the nurse came in and told me to follow her to the operating theater just across the isle. The moment I stepped inside, I saw the usual operating bed and the overhead lights. And they played pop music in there! Besides the surgeon, there are 3 other nurses and they were happily chatting among themselves. The atmosphere was very casual unlike my previous operation encounter.

They took my blood pressure again, put something on one of my legs and then my finger. Another nurse told me she would inject the sedation and made me sleep. Someone then shaved my eyebrow and started to draw on my eyelids. I felt her measuring around the eyes and then she showed me a mirror. Then without any warnings, they dropped some liquid into my eyes and that really hurt. I felt strange when the surgeon suddenly asked me whether I consume alcoholic drinks and I answered yes. He further asked whether I take it regularly and I answered yes again. Then I couldn't hear anything anymore.

The next thing I felt I was in a very comfortable slumbering stage but I also felt them working on my eyelids very vaguely. Then they were calling me and told me it was done. I sat up and stepped down from the bed and sat on the wheel chair as instructed in a stage of daze. Then I was wheeled back to the room earlier and was put on the bed and I slept. When I woke up a short while later, we went home straight away. The whole process lasted 2 hours only.  I slept thru the whole afternoon.

The 2 pcs of the skin they removed are quite big in size. 

At home resting in bed. Eyes obviously lifted. Feeling very drowsy and giddy.
The stitches are quite neat.
At night, I didn't eat much and felt really bad, almost throw up a few times. Finally fell asleep at 9.30pm. No pain from the wound but a headache was developing. The eyebrow where the stitches area feels very stiff and hard.

Taken the next mornig, left eye can hardly open, badly swollen. Bruises building up, headache..having problem watching TV and reading.  Blood clots on both wounds.
3rd day, right eye still swollen and badly bruised, however left eye not as bad. The headache was still there. I reckon it's bcos the skin is being stretch when I try to open the eyes. At night, a spot on the left eyebrow started to bleed and it lasted till wee hours. Didn't sleep until the bleeding stopped.
4th day, swelling reduced. Eyes can open up. Bruises changed from dark purple to yellow. Looked really ugly. Headache stopped.
5th day, swelling subsiding, eyes can open up fully. However, new swelling develop on the eye bag area and below.

6th day, lots of improvement. Eyes can open fully with no effort. Can feel hard lump below the right eye and bruises stretch to the area. Finally dare to wash the stitches area. Bao had helped to wash my hair for the last 5 days to avoid wetting the stitches. Wash only the lower face and wipe the forehead with wet tissue.

7th day, before going for removal of the stitches. Swelling on the cheek area subsided. Stitches area felt itchy and sensitive. 

At the clinic after the removal of the stitches, waiting for laser treatment between the eyes area after they applied the numb cream.

The laser was quite painful and it emerged burning smell. 
The eyebrows area turned red after the removal of stitches. Antiseptic cream were being applied after that.

The next thing I have to do is to go for the eyebrows embroidery after 3 months which is complimentary because I had it previously. My shaved eyebrow will not be grown again.