Sunday, 25 December 2016

Ha Long Bay (2)

I woke up early, while it was still a little dark outside.

Wondering about how the scenery would be, I quietly took the camera and opened the door to the balcony. It was cold.

In semi darkness, I saw that we were still docking at the same spot last night, surrounded by very faint sound and sight of flowing water in the breeze.

A little while later, between 2 tiny islets not far off, some color started to show.

Though nothing spectacular, the color of twilight in between the dark shadows was soft and soothing to announce that the dawn is breaking.

I enjoyed the quiet and peaceful moment all by myself, standing at the balcony, far away from all bustle and hustle, in the cold weather, it felt so good...

Then I started to get ready for the day ahead.
Breakfast was simple and again we were joined by the young couple.

Breakfast wit great view outside the window.

After breakfast, we were once again being transferred to the small boat and navigated to Titop Island for the 360 degree multi million dollars view of  Ha Long Bay and the bay we docked, Bai Tu Long Bay.

The whole lot of us! From different continent!

This, come with a price to pay - to climb 340 steep stone steps.
I, of course, had to endure "certain" level of difficulties! (The guide asked me later when we came down whether I perform any form of exercise at home, and....ya....the zero.)

Titop Island and the gazebo on the top. It is a climb of 340 steps!
It was a tough climb, not until the one that we were going to have the next day!
When I finally reached the top, before I could even catch my breath, my breath was being taken the view!

This was certainly more impressive compare to the view yesterday at the Surprising Cave.

We were surrounded by the view of the mountains of islets in the background of the great bay and the little cruisers in the bay.

Too back that it was against the sunlight.

Equally stunning is the Bai Tu Long Bay on the other side.
The only setback was that the sun was already up and it was too sunny for photograph.
Then to walk down was no issue at all.

At another viewpoint on the way.

We spent about 15mins for those who wanted to dip into the sea and those who just wanted to sit and relax on the beach.
Panaromic view of the beach with the backdrop of different shapes of islets. 
And so the highlight was over and I felt contented as the view was what I had expected .
Back to the big boat, we were advised to shower and packed fast to avoid missing the view of narrow bays as we cruised the way back.
When we were done and were up on the sundeck, we stood and sat and relaxed and enjoyed the view of the close encounter with some of the enchanting islets on the moving vessel. And this partly was due to the gentle weather. Can't imagine doing this under the hot sun!

The limestone are now much nearer as we sailed in the narrow bay.

Other cruisers ..
It was a really great experience under the gentle weather.

Under the gentle weather and cool breeze, we were greeted by many faces of the different islets, and were waving our farewell for the short encounter. It was just like watching a gigantic moving slides show!

It takes some imagination to recognize the resemble of these islets.
Some are pointy.....
Look there, is that a turtle?
Nature is priceless! 

Hello there!! Such a great day for a cruise.
As we stood by the low railing of the deck, the 360 degree moving vision was so broad without any obstructions, and it felt really wonderful.
Truly enjoying...
I was comparing this with the cruise we did in Milford Sound in my mind. Milford Sound is grand and elegant and unreachable. Ha Long is charming and spellbind and close-up as we cruise in among the beauties of the sea!

Sooo relaxing....
I am really glad we made it a point to visit this natural wonder of the world! It is as if it has been calling for me for a long time!

Love the one on top right, is that a steamer? 
It is much more than what I had expected and certainly would want to do it again in future.
We had our lunch on-board after the guide again entertained us on the sundeck with some tricks.

 The guide has got the guests' attention.

Posing with the pole, for the last time!
The journey ended perfectly.
Till we meet again.....
It was then way back to the wharf and this time the coach was much more comfortable for the way back to Hanoi.

It was late in the afternoon when we were back to the hotel. We had dinner outside again and this time around looked seriously in the items in the shop and managed to buy a few things.
Nice and simple dinner near our hotel.

Night scene at Lake Ho Kiem.
Only in Vietnam.
On the 3rd day of our Hanoi trip, we were quite used to the streets and could walked at ease among the sea of motorcycles.
Having Vietnamese ice cream in the bustling street.
Rested early again for the day trip tomorrow, Trang An!


  1. This is a very interesting post of Ha Long Bay with different scenic views from other people. I have not visited this place yet as I have been procrastinating for so long now. I love that golden colours of the dawn in between the 2 big rocky boulders.

    Wishing you and family a very Happy New Year 2017.

    1. have to "google translate" the big word you use here. haha...

      Maybe it's about time you plan for it. I think we went at the right time of the year. The weather was gentle, around 20 degree. I don't think it'll be fun to sail or climb those steps under the hot sun.