Monday, 9 January 2017

Mua Cave and Trang An (2)

Lunch was great with the company of the German couple and we had some light conversation as we ate.

After we had used the washroom, we got back to the coach and were driven to the wonderland of inland Halong Bay, Trang An complex of limestone karst, a recognized UNESCO site based on the unique landscape .

At the entrance, looks like the government is taking good cares in most tourist spots.
This is where we board the boat.
This photo is taken by the guide who was in the boat with the German couple.
The guide and the German couple.
The 2 hours ride starts .

Welcome to the Ha Long Bay of the land!
Fantastic landscape!
Very soon, we were rowing towards the first cave.....
Entering the first cave which is the longest and narrowest.
Narrow, low and dark. I thought we would be hit many times!
And while we exit, perfect silhouette.
Row towards the second cave, the weather was just right.
Equally low and dark.
Luminous water color when we exited.
And we rowed on.
Clear water by the bank.

Turning into the unknown!
This cave is hidden under the bushes.
Incredible! The sign said Ba Giot Cave, 200m long.
Extremely cooling and quiet except for the sound of the paddle in the water.

It was narrow at this stretch.
Very different view.
This one is only 100m long.

The local tourist sang while they helped to row.
Getting out of the darkness!
It is really hard work to row non-stop for 2 hours!
The water is actually shallow with the water plants can be seen clearly.
We too, helped to row to ease the poor man.
The journey continues...
She rows with her legs!
Love these silhouettes!
Changing landscape.

Steering into another cave.

Emerging into brightness!

It was an magical sight to see the water plants waving in the clear shallow water.

Miniature of Halong Bay!

Temple by the bank marks the ending of the journey.
Beautiful backdrop!
Indiana Jones and the temple of the doom?
Head down ! Head down!
And we were making the way back .
Water lilies and bananas!
We ended the ride slightly earlier than the other boat. It was a very pleasant ride indeed. The 8 caves we went through were quite an experience especially the first one. It was really winding and narrow. A few times I really thought that we were going to be hit!

The drive back to our hotel was uneventful and we rested well before we head out for dinner.

Dinner was at a very tiny cafe with the Hanoi street view just outside the doorstep!
Top left, popular cha ca fish dish with rice noodles. Fried rice and steak, the juice was super yummy!
Psyduck in Hanoi!

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