Sunday, 19 March 2017

Jigsaw Puzzle - 8,000pcs Sistine Chapel

It was Oct 2015 when I blogged about it. 8,000pcs Sisitne Chapel

When it was finally fixed, it was March 2017! It took us 1.5 year just like before, no kidding.....

Here was another what I likes to call - "the chronicle" after 1st Chronicle of 6,000pcs,  because it took us so long to finish. However, this one is different from the previous, there was no "slumbering stage".

                                                            The date : 08 Oct 2015,                                                           

                               This is how it was packed, all the way from USA.

                 One of the packet was already been opened, the other 3 were still intact.
On my girl's desk before we open and mix the packets.
                              We mixed all the 4 packets to maximize the challenge.
                                                        It is hell lots of puzzle pieces.
                                             Starting to sort, the most painful process.
                                                                This is how we sort.

                    As usual, started with the most distinguishable pieces.
                                                   1 week later , 17 Oct 2015.

We traveled to Japan for 2 weeks in early Nov.

My girl did this end all by herself, 29 Nov 2015.
                                                           Jan 2016, struggling.....

Stopped doing when Tess came visiting in Feb.

                                                     05 March 2016, really tough....
                                                               March 2016, what a mess!

Off to KK for Ching Ming for weekend in end March.

Tess and Shan stayed over for 2 weeks in April and of course we didn't touch it.

Went to Awanmulan over the weekend on 6 May.

                                                22 May 2016, working on the edges.
                                             27 June 2016, my girl working hard..
                              06 July 2016, all the triangle are not easy at all....

Went to Sg for The Miserables musical on 16 July and stayed for a few days there.

                                            06 August 2016, start to get better........

Busy catching pokemon in the month of August.

                                31 August 2016, the Goddess of Erithrxaea taking shape.
                           04 Sept 2016, another 3 triangle frame taking shape....

Continued to catch pokemon on weekends.

Tess came again in Sept for 2 weeks and we went to Bukit Tinggi over the weekend in end Sept.

                                             16 Oct 2016, this end started much later.
                                                 05 Nov 2016, the parts slowly joining up

We went to Vietnam for about 1 week.

                                                    18 Dec 2016, missing the heads...
                                                             08 Jan 2017, getting easier..
                                      15 Jan 2017, a lot has been filled up at this end.

Then it was CNY for a few days away from home.

                                              26 Feb 2016, getting very close to finish.                                                  
                                                         These are the only trays left.

                                4 March 2017, my girl found the mysterious pink pieces.........
                                                                  There you are......
                                       11 March 2017, we only have these trays left.....
                                                         What are the odds....
                                                                          The final count down....
                                                               This section done.
                                                     Second section done.
                                                              Third, done.
                                                           Fourth section.
The 2 ends, on the table.
                                       Moved and put them down on the floor.
                                                                  Joining them up.

                                                        It is really a master piece.
                                                        We have come so far for this.....
We spent time on it mostly during the weekends only probably a few hours per day. In between we traveled and a lot of times we didn't touch it at all even during weekends. Only did it when we felt like it, hence we took such a long time.

Sometimes, after sitting down for 1/2 hour, not a single piece is found. It is usually less challenging at the beginning when all the prominent pieces can be easily spotted and fixed. Then it gets very challenging until it is like, may be 2/3 way down, the rest will be less challenging.

Our dialogue will always starts with "how's the progress today?". Sometimes it goes "I keep seeing this piece but still I can't locate it". Or "I know where this is!". And our favorite "The mysterious piece/pieces". 

And now, till the next bigger one.....

                            It feels very nice to move my hand over the uneven surface . 


  1. I used to have these jigsaw puzzle sessions when we were young kids at home.
    Thanks a lot for sharing the photos which gave me a better idea how you guys sorted them ahead in different boxes. I am toying with the idea now whether to get my close & single friends to meet up to enjoy this relaxing therapy and assemble the puzzles.

    1. I have not met anyone as crazy as me on jigsaw puzzles in our circle of friends. Friends and relative are always amazed that we can put so many tiny pieces together.