Friday, 17 March 2017

CNY 2017 (3)

We spent the 4th day of CNY in Melaka. Melaka is always my favorite place in Malaysia. Love this charming historical city with different colonial background very much.   

In the morning, we had our breakfast in the courtyard with great ambience.

                  This view from the corridor of our room. Really great ambience here...

Breakfast was as nice as I remember at the courtyard.

The hotel now has a lift and it has an extended wing. And btw, the building is super duper long. It can easily transform into 2 units.

The lift is new and the contrast of modern and ancient creates a unique atmosphere.

After breakfast, we quickly walked to 三叔公 to satisfy our taste bug.

Coffee.....ummm.....not as good though...(we have upgraded our expectation?)

From 三叔公, Jonker street was lively with tourist...and across the street at the corner, is H&M!

Then we walked to the H&M just across the street. We found the place quite big but was very quiet. We left empty-handed and walked back to the hotel.

After we put the luggage in the car, we walked further down to the street and met an old friend who is now based in Melaka.

He drove us to a nyonya restaurant to have lunch.

A bit of let down at this newly opened nyonya restaurant.......

After lunch, he drove us to a less-visit place of Sam Po Kong Temple which is situated in the ancient Chinese area. This is a temple of historical stories and also the ancient well with a legend of never drying up.
The ancient well, 三宝井, aka Hang Li Poh well, the princess from China who is married to the sultan then.

We passed by Chinese Hill with lots of ancient graves on the way to St John's Hill. Some grave stones are just by the road side. Some of them are even from the Malays.

St John's hill with it's ruins. It is not as popular as the one in St Paul's Hill.

Finally he drove us to Straits Mosque which we have never been. Along the way, our friend showed us some mega hotel projects which are not doing that well. 

In my opinion, the exterior of the mosque is rather plain. It could do much better with more elaborate deco on the white wall. 

Had seen some really great photos taken by China tourist.
I imagine the mosque "floating" when the water level is high.

Then our dear friend drove us back to jonker street. When we noticed the long queue at the Jonker 88, we decided to try our luck at other place for the unforgettable ice kacang.

 This proved that the queue at Jonker 88 is unavoidable if you want nice ice kacang.

With this, we ended our hectic CNY 2017 .  


  1. I love visiting Melaka and I am surprised that they have H&M now.

    1. Hopefully it will not loss it's charm with all the developments and hypes....