Tuesday, 28 February 2017

CNY 2017 (2)

On the second day of CNY, we woke up around 9am. Had breakfast and drove to KK again to fetch 6th aunt and at the same time visit at 3rd aunt's place.

Going through these tunnels on daily basis...

It was eating home made laksa at 3rd aunt's place as usual. Then back to the old house to wait for our dear cousins from Penang and Ipoh.

We steamed the "Dimsum" courtesy of an old friend and some other left over dishes for lunch.

After that, it was time to wave goodbyes and exchanging wishes . 

Visit FIL again before we left.

We were literally crawling our way back to our home sweet home as all daughters were travelling back to the mother's house for 开年. Cars with Singapore number plates are not unusual.

At about 7pm, we reached our house just to dropped the luggage. Then off we drove to Kota Kemunning for a cousin's birthday dinner.

We ate and hoo-has with the cousins before we had to excuse ourselves for the drive to my hometown the next day.

And so, we slept like logs and before we realised, we were on our way heading south!  

Breakfast was at the R&R because most shops were closed and the only mamak shop was full house!

My childhood friend who has been wanting to meet up watsapp to tell me to detour because the water has not subsided yet.

But when we were near the stretch of road, the weather was shinning and hot and some stubborn fellow decided to take the risk saying it should subside under the hot weather. Also, the detour is a bit too long to take.

I had bad feeling when I saw this, and true enough....

This is it, it was not passable, the river in front was still flooded.

Our smart friend got down from the car.
I heard a local uncle on motorbike said in Hokkien: it is very shallow only, it is ok to go....
Then he asked us where were we heading, he told us a detour we could take after our friend told him the name of my hometown.

I watsapp the flooded photo to my nephew and he too told us about the road which is called Maokil.

After we took the road with vast oil palm plantation which I had never use before, we arrived at mother's place safely half an hour later.

My eyes welled up with tears when I saw mother after more than 1 year. She was far more frail than I remember. The maid was helping her with lunch. My heart was very heavy when the maid asked mother for my name and she couldn't remember.

Then my dear friend came by.
 She is the only one who I still keep in touch.
 It was certainly not easy to catch up with her for she is hundred of KMs away in JB.

She could only stay for a short while before she had to rush back to JB with her family. After she left, we went over to sis's place for lunch. 

It was talking and talking for hours until my throat felt so dry. And of course the little fellow whom we miss dearly....

 Sis asked us to stay for a night again and I touched her hand to say "next time around".
It was hard to say goodbye to these bunch and the goodbyes was all the way from the door to the gate to the door of the car wide opened waiting for me.

The way to Melaka was badly conjested and we decided to have Kentucky for dinner which is just beside the road in Tangkak.

KFC, wrong decision, our friend dropped about RM500 here.
Crawled all the way to our hotel....
 9.45pm, the time taken was more than double the usual time.
Hote Puri Melaka, we stayed once few years back during someone's bday.

Someone was obviously in the right mood after we had our showers, so we set our foot out of the hotel and walked to the "pasar malam" which was still bustling with tourist at 11pm.
After some food and drinks, we walked to the "Red House"....
Along the way, it was all about Red laterns....
And Hard Rock, by the river.....

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