Thursday, 11 April 2013

The furry thing in our house

This furry thingy came to our house about 4 years ago without my consent.

I was quite reluctant to welcome her into our life in the first place and I set my rule, strictly no entry into the house.

I thought it would not be long that she would be sending back to her "original home".

I remembered the second morning, when I came downstairs, I was eagerly greeted by a pair of pathetic looking eyes and the wagging tail. The way the little thing looked at me, so eager to please, soften my heart a bit. But I still refused to acknowledge her present.

As the days went by, I got used to see the tiny thingy walking around. She was so tiny that one could hold her with a hand. She was only 3 months old. They decided to call her Lilo after some suggestions and rejections.

I showed no interest in whatever necessity items they bought to make her comfortable. Food, toys, sampoo, brush and even comb for her fur. They bathed her promptly, dried her with my hair dryer. Then the vet came for her first injection and some pils. Ooh my! I was thinking, what a fuss!

Then slowly,  the tiny thing was filling up, fur grew thicker. She always tried to enter the house by standing with her front paws on the net which they put up on the grill. I had to admit, she looked adorable.

Looking like a soft toy.

I found myself paying more and more attention to her. She had those innocent looking round eyes. When she sat down with her tongue thrusting out, I had the feeling that she was smiling. When she layed down on four with her head resting between her front paws, her body resembled a piece of brown log. She is cute, I was thinking. I don't remember when I started to call for her and when I allowed her to enter the house. AND when was the first time I cuddled her -  "What? I cuddled the thingy??".

That was then, now I have to cuddle her when I reach home everyday. I AM the one who bath her and brush her fur. I AM the one who bought her favorite treats and canned food. I get worried when she doesn't eat. She's even allowed to jump into the bed and sofa.  My sister was so surprise to see me doing all these. Why, I surprise myself.

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