Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Pewter snake with engraving is my present this year.
She mentioned in her note to me that she knows she is not the perfect daughter whom I wish to have and may even not a good daughter at all.
She also said that she knows that to have a daughter like her is hard and painful.
She apologised for the mistakes and wrongdoings she made and that she thinks that she failed me a lot of times.
She further mentioned that there were good times and bad times during the past years and that we should treasure the good and forget the bad.
Finally, she said that she is grateful to have a mother who is funny, special, beautiful..... and of course it ended with "Thank you for everything you have done and I love you, mummy!".
Okay, my say....
Yes, she may not be the daughter whom I like to have, but she is so very sweet in her own way and how she always makes me smile and laugh.
Yes, she may not be as smart as who I wish she is, but she is trying hard and sometimes it breaks my heart to see her working that way.
Yes, we should FORGIVE and FORGET the bad times we had before.
The good times we have had and still having, we shall cherish every moment.
Finally, I wish to tell her, to have her is the most WONDERFUL thing that ever happened to me in my life. I may be a lousy mother but my love to her is without boundary. 
I too, would like to thank her for who she is and am truly sorry for all the misunderstandings and abusive and senseless words which I ever used on her!! I didn't really mean it!

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