Friday, 24 May 2013

Leadership Training Camp at My Gopeng Resort, Perak

Bao is on a 5-day school "Leadership Training Camp" program. Together with some 180++students, they will be camping out at Gopeng Resort, Perak. The main purpose of the traning is to expose the students to new challenges that will bring them out from their comfort zone. With this, hopefully they can attain new level of confidence and characters through the experience.

After I went through the itenearary, I have been worried sick. The activities includes Caving, White Water Rafting, Jungle Night Walk,  Summit Climb, Waterfall Abseiling and Wilderness Survival !! These are so "adult"! How the hell is she going to perform all these? What she had experienced is only caving with the father. I keep telling myself that this is beneficially for her, to calm myself! Last night packing seeing mother and daughter arguing and shouting, because the mother was so nervous with worries.....

    Remember to apply insect repellent and sun block every 3 hours!
    Watch out for leeches! If u find any leech on yr body, SCREAM for teacher!!
    Do not go to the toilet alone!
    Make sure u hv all essential items in yr backpack when u go out in the morning!
    Pls be very careful when u r having water activities!!!
    If u really can't do certain task, pls let the teacher know!
    The medication is in the front pocket of yr backpack, the cap and the raincoat are in the second
    The list go on.....

And finally, before waving goodbyes, again and again, "be extremely careful....take good care....important, text me whenever u can!! Keep me update..."

So now I am at home, 8.35am, after sending her to the school.

I have to spend my next 5 days without her in the house. Worrying....sense of loss.....remembering the Singapore trip she went in her primary school graduation trip. Despite the reminders to send messages, i bet she didn't even remember the mother's name the moment she stepped into the bus!

She pm at 8.45am saying that she's in the bus. "Who is in yr group? Who is sitting next to you? Who is the teacher in charged? Eat yr me when u arrive." Mothers....

27/5/2013 :

After failing to reach her by handphone for 2 days, I called Teacher Sue in the school office. Was told that the reception was extremely poor there. She called back shortly after I spoke to her. She said she managed to speak to Teacher May Peng at the camp and that she said Bao was fine and would inform Bao to call. I thanked her and was instantly relieved. Continue counting the days....

28/5/2013 :

No news from Bao at all. At the same time, Bao was having my Galaxy II, I was using her Note II. The arrangement was made based on the fact that Note II is much more expensive. After I switched it off, I couldn't switch it on bcos I did not have the pin number, cursing... At night, I was able to relax thinking the she would be home the next day.

29/5/2013 :

Finally, managed to reach Bao in the morning. The line was bad but was very happy when she said she enjoyed the activities very much. She ended the call by saying : "Can't wait to tell you about the funs." Was smiling when I drove home after work. She was home at about 7pm looking tanned and slim. Immediately threw her tons of questions starting with the condition of the place which she said was not too bad followed by:

"Wat's your favourite?"
"White water rafting, so much of fun."
"Hated summit climb. It was so steep."
"Caving was also nice."
"Waterfall abseiling was tough. The rope was so rough. My hands hurt."
"Activities till 11pm everyday. Our legs were sore and numb."

"wat time did u take yr bath everyday?"
"12 midnight!"
"wah!!Tat's was absurb!!"
"Water was chilling! I screamed everytime!"

....and was most dreadful when she said she was bitten by leeches. ("No!!" I screamed in my heart!) 
 "I felt something on my leg, I looked and saw 2 of them."
 "You screamed?"
 "No, I told someone, then the guide came with vineger, and the 2 fellows curled up    and dropped to the ground."
"You didn't scream?"
"No. I am OK with leeches." (HUH!! R U serious???)

I underestimated her,  again!!

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