Sunday, 1 June 2014

Online Shopping

I remember when I was young ("many many" years ago), a school teacher told us about online shopping. He was saying that in future we do not have to go out to shop, things can be purchased online (it didn't exist then) and delivered to our door step. Even groceries, we could just chose what we want to buy and I remembered thinking that sounds quite ridiculous. Many years went by, what he said is finally happening now. Not only merchants from locals but across the whole world! Our living style is changing rapidly.

I started purchasing clothes online locally at first. Most of the time, what I received is not what I expected. But of course when the price is too good to be true, one can't expect much. The pictures they showed are the originals, probably from Japan and Korea, and what they sell online is the replicas from China and the quality is no doubt very poor. So I gave up after a few purchases. 

I ended up trying out taobao when I saw advertisement placed by some agents saying that everyone can now "taobao" everywhere. But how?? I was thinking how to pay them in RMB? Then I went into the site and learned that one has to have some money in the "wallet" to start buying. This is how, you decide the amount which is in USD, then you can pay with Visa or Master and also some local banks. It's simple.

Then I browsed and found that the stocks are not so appealing. It's only when I saw "天猫" on top of the page and clicked under 天猫原创, I realised I finally found what I like. These are fashions by original China designers. They are not the typical contemporary and trendy designs, some of them are classified as "temperament" and these are the ones I like. I started out by selected 2 blouses and copy the URL in and paste it to the agent's page as instructed. Bingo! The item appeared and I made the purchase.  The page is The China designers.


The express fees and the agent's fees of 10% was added but not the courier. Then I was informed of the courier fees which I have to pay with the "wallet money". Then the status became shipped. 

So I received the items after about 10 days. For the price I paid, I am quite happy with the quality of the product.

Other than clothes, I also purchased jigsaw puzzles online with the stores in Europe. Just can't get them locally. I have no choice but to pay a lot for the shipping cost.


I found the direct way to shop now. You can pay with your credit cards directly to the shop. They will send it to a courier company in China. When the items reach the hub, they will inform you the cost of courier to your destination. They will send it to you after you made the payment.

And so, I bought this "sweetie night dress" for my girl and 2 others for myself.

Also, this double-sided Sherlock pillow which sent her flying the moment she saw it.

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