Monday, 23 February 2015

Chinese New Year 2015 The Year of Goat

I drove all the way back to my hometown for the first time in my whole life with Bao for CNY celebration as the father was away overseas. Worried about the heavy traffic, we left on the day before the eve.

I called sis to inform her few days ahead, upon hearing my decision on the telephone, she warned me not to drive at night and told me to drive slowly. On the day before we left, my beloved niece Tess whatsApp me saying that both her husband Lai and her brother Yong suggested to travel further down to Yong Peng to avoid the Tangkak stretch of road. It is very winding and narrow. They were worried that it would be too much for me to handle. I told her the detour is too far and I assured her I would drive carefully.

We planned to start the journey around 8+ in the morning. But I had difficulties falling asleep the night before, not that I was worried about the drive, but I was excited to see them after so long. By the time I woke up, it was 8.30am, so we only managed to leave at about 9.30am.

It went smoothly, I had some bites of sausage bun in the car. After about 45mins, I felt uncomfortable without my usual cup of tea. So we stopped at Seremban R&R area for it and Bao said she didn't have appetite. Then we continued the journey. After a short while, Yong called Bao on the handphone and again told us to take the Yong Peng road. He further told Bao that the Tangkak road is so winding and narrow that when a bus or truck come from the opposite direction, I would have no room to avoid. He ended by saying "tell your mother don so Haolian" loudly! Okay Okay, since they are so concerned, I decided to take their advice by driving further down south for another 45mins

Very beautiful weather. The trunk road after the highway.
True enough, though it's further, the drive proved to be much easier. After highway, it was practically a straight road all the way to our destination. We reached about 1.30pm.

My favorite Kuachi from  dear nephew Yong.

From then onwards, the times just breezed through. It was talking and eating.....preparing meals after meals.....more talking....more eating....visiting....before we knew it, it was time to wave goodbyes!

Mother with some of her grand and great-grand children.
Part of the family!

Finally meeting the Super VVIP of the family!! And most likely New Zealand made!
Home made popiah on the 3rd day! Everyone enjoyed it especially the kids!
The new comer joining the 4th generations!
The traffic was congested at the usual spot where we were stuck for about 1 hr even though it was Saturday and not Sunday! The news about the traffic on Sunday was havoc with 3 hrs jam at the custom for those headed to Sg! Heard about the case of someone travelled from Melaka to Spore, it was a horrifying 8hr drive!

Heavy traffic flow at the usual spot.
It was getting worse...


  1. Candy, Happy New Year! 新年快乐万事如意!
    It doesn't matter how bad the traffic is, how congested the places are, how noisy the firecrackers, CNY always my number 1 favorite festival... which i have missed for 4 years

    1. 君慧,我也要祝你 - 新春愉快!心想事成!
      Yes! Though the drive was tiring, it was also a very enjoyable one because of the reunion! CNY is really truly the best of all!