Sunday, 22 February 2015

The day the result was out

The IGCSE 2014 result was scheduled to release on the 21 January 2015 around 2pm worldwide.

I received the notification email from the school on 13 Jan 2015 with the attachment of user login name and password. I didn't realized then that the login info was in the attachment. She told me only she herself can log in and I stupidly assumed that she got the password separately.

On the night before, I asked her whether she was nervous about it. She said not really and she was all normal. I was quite easy myself as I knew what I could expect.

On 21 Jan, at around 11am I whatsApp her and she said she was in the library. I told her to send me a photo of it.

I pictured her in a library like our school days but it is nothing like it at all.
 Then she said she was going for lunch with her friend Shania and I asked for a picture again.

At 2pm, I was telling myself the result was released. How I wish I could log in to check (cursing myself "left and right" later on).

I received her whastApp at 2.55pm saying that a lot of her friends got their results but she was "stuck" in her class and "tearing up". I asked her how she knew her friends got their result and she said they had been "spamming" in the whatsApp. And that she was too nervous to check and didn't wish to freak out in front of her classmates. And refused when I offered to check and then she logged off.

I was so nervous and anxious at the same time. So I checked the notification email again and opened the attachment. Only then I read about the username and password. I tried to log in with the link provided and punched in the info required without much anticipation (still thinking that the password might not work as she said only she could log in, really hopeless).

I clicked on the box and before I could react I was already staring directly at the result! The first thing I saw was the number of As and I had to look again and again to confirm. Then I finally was sure of it and was grinning nervously to myself.

Immediately I whatApp her - "My girl, I am so proud of you". It was 3.02pm. Then I informed the father and a few "super-close" family members. All the while cursing myself of my super stupidity! I could have checked the result at 2pm!

It was at 4.03pm when I received her reply of - "Huh? What?". I whatsApp her the result worrying that she might be angry with me for checking her result without her consent. In fact before I sent her the msg, I pondered whether I should let her check herself when she was home but I just couldn't stop myself. She asked for a clearer picture of the result. Then she said it was unexpected!

Of course she was happy! And I found myself grinning every 10 mins for the rest of the day and it continued even when I was driving home and she was granted a BIG hug when she reached home.

I certainly did not expect a result which is so good. With A+ from both BM and Mandarin, she scored a total of 7As. The "C" from Chemistry is expected as she opted for "core" instead of "extended" when we discussed over it before the exam. The point was not to jeopardise the rest of the subjects because of Chemistry simply she was having difficulty with it. Econs is another tough subject and a "B" is just fine with us.

We talked excitedly at night not forgetting to remind ourselves not to get carried away and certainly never to boast about it. So we only keep this to our beloved ones. And to tell ourselves that she still has a long way to go! (all the while, she is just a slightly-over-average student. She scored 5 As for her UPSR.)

P/s:  2 weeks later on, I finally informed her "da gu gu" who is her father's only sibling quietly at a family function. Her immediate reaction was pulled her purse out from her handbag and insisted to put a few hundred ringgit into her hand even with our strong protest.

P/s:  She was granted a scholarship of RM3k which will be deducted from the fees for the second semester.  Though it's not much, it really proves that her hard works got rewarded.