Friday, 18 September 2015

The chronicle of 6,000pcs Jigsaw Puzzle

When I blogged about the 6,000pcs Art Studio, it was 30 April, 2014.

Date received : 09 April 2014.
Today is 17 Sept 2015. We, had FINISHED building it last night FINALLYYYYYY!

Of course it didn't really take me or rather Bao that long. I started to fix it as soon as I received it. Somehow about 1 month down the road, I lost the urge suddenly and stopped completely.

This is the journey :-

Date taken : 19 April, 2014.
The initial stage. 
Top left corner : 25 April, 2014.
26 April, 2014, a lot has been sorted out.
04 May, 2014 .
Slowing down.....
18 May,  2014.
Then stopped building all together........untill AUGUST 2015. 

In fact, during the "slumbering" stage, I actually sat down a few times to try but somehow failed to bring myself to continue. Our cousin who came visiting used to teased that we should celebrate the anniversary with a cake!! And my girl used to "ask" me : Mi what is this thing lying on the dining table! And I always answered "Don know leh....what is it? I don see anything there!! Haha! When the dust accumulated was so thick that I could write on it, I was feeling distressed. 

Then 1 fine day, I found myself sitting down and started to dust the surface with micro-fibre paper. And then started to fix again. A few days later, Bao started to fix as well!

01 August, 2015.
08 August, 2015. Bao started to build too.
She would try to locate the pieces by matching them with the picture on the cover.
15 August, 2015. At full swing, with 2 small table for the lower half.
Lower left corner. One of the toughest parts!
We had been careful all the times, but somehow this pc ended in the dog's mouth and this is the outcome!

Lower right corner.
Concentrating on the top right corner.
At least 3 bulbs burned with 2 standing floor lamps.
29 August, 2015. Working really hard on the paintings. Kept suspecting there were missing pieces. 
Bao started to work on the toughest "black" area. The area I had been avoiding!
This is how she did it. Matching the pieces with the cover picture.
Working on the deco of the wall.
Taking shape.....
08 Sept, 2015. Making good progress.

Impossible to identify the pieces, so we sorted them out by the shapes!

13 Sept, 2015. These were last 2 trays! All black!

13 Sept, 2015. Very close to finish!
The finale.....

14 Sept, we started to chant : it's the final countdown.
15 Sept, 2015, chanting "it's the final countdown" loudly. But it didn't happen! This was really challenging! 
16 Sept, 2015 , it was really going to happen ! It's the final countdown.!!
The final of the final!!
Ladies and gentlemen! This is it! The finale of  the chronicle!!

And so we had completed building it and the satisfaction is truly amazing! On week days, we probably spent about 1-2 hours a day. It's only during the weekend that we actually spent a lot of times on it.

Already we are looking into the next one! 8,000pcs is our goal.

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