Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Happy 19th Birthday!!

The day after Xmas, 26 Dec 2017, Tess and Lai went to the hairdresser in the morning leaving the boy with us at home.

They came home in the late afternoon and we started to get ready.

The venue, is Walnut Cafe in Puchong. Booked and double confirmed.

It is nice and comfortable.
We had the area at the mezzanine floor.
The balloon from the Godmother.

Birthday girl seated. 
Family from the father side.
My niece and her young family from Singapore, the cheeky fellow was still in slumbering stage.
We had the little whole area to ourselves.
This is always good.
2 of the main dishes.
Refreshing lemongrass drinks served in a barrel.
Ting and her young family.

My girl, looking so pretty.
With her parents.

With her Godma.
With her cousins from mother side.
With cousins just got back from UK.
With pretty young aunt and son.
And the staff turned off the lights and brought the cake!

The first, it was "malfunction".

They did it again...
Happy birthday to Chelsea!
May your wishes come true!
Birthday cake from Ting.
19 years ago, you came into the world and joined us in our life.
The aunts cutting up the cake.
Family talks.
The father with the sister and daughters.

The first cousins, and the boy out of no where!
The cheeky fellow!

Father side of family.
With the ladies!
With the gentlemen and the gentleboys!

The "proper shot"!
The "improper shot"!


At the facade of the cafe.

At home with her presents and angpows!

From her first cousins, a Bershka dress.

From her cousin, Singapore 50th anniversary dollar note.

From her Godma, a Charles and Keith purse.
From her ma, a Kate Spade handbag !

And then, she had to pack for her yearly camp starts the next morning.

19 years ago, she came into the world after the parent's years of "hard work". The doctor called her the precious baby because of the mother's condition.

With her arrival, the life of the parents is considered complete. Nothing else matters anymore other than the girl. And together, they will continue to walk the path of journey of their life.. 

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