Saturday, 24 February 2018

Christmas 2017

Bao got home on 30 November. Immediately on the weekend, we went to the hair dresser for the long overdue hair cut. Followed by a facial treatment at Herbaline, a lot to clean up.
2 days after her home comings. After 5 months, this has to be done first.
After 1 week rest at home, I brought her to the office to do some clerical works when she couldn't secure an intern jobs. 

9 December, took part in a free-gift promo at Guardian Pyramid with my colleagues.
The same day at 12midnight, we went to BBW.
Attending a wedding lunch on 16 Dec.
We went to Zhong Guo Feng during a lunch break to buy some Xmas ornaments for the coming Xmas.

20 Dec, pull out the Xmas tree from the storeroom.
And we are ready.
22 Dec was Winter's Solstice day. We bought the dough and gingers with panda leaves on the way home from work.

22 Dec, Winter Solstice day.

Weekends spent mostly in shopping complex for much shopping-catching-up.
23 Dec, collecting my new glasses.
On the Xmas eve, Tess arrived at night after their yearly classmate gathering at a resort stay. Xmas day morning we went to Jaya Grocer for the steamboat at night. 

24 Dec, they are here.
25 Dec, preparing for steamboat.

Then it was time to feast!

And we are eating.

Lots of foodies...

Delicious soup base from Hai Di Lao, brought by Tess.

Few rounds of eating.


Xmas presents!!

Time to play......

Cuteness 100%.

The best has yet to come....

Gifts exchange...


You are just like my boy..

Hey, this is mine!

Oh wow, what is it?

The thought that count.

My present!

And mine!

The time spent with family can't be more precious.

Xmas cake was yummy!!

Everyone was having a great time!

Wishing everyone a Merry Xmas and a wonderful year ahead!

The aftermath!

It was the first time we had Ting's young family of 3 to join us and it was nice to have them over to celebrate with us. We definitely will have more of this to plan in future. 

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