Thursday, 22 February 2018


As the saying goes, time flies by no matter what....what I wanted to record the most is the 5 months Bao spent in Melbourne.

The agonies and distraught feelings of Bao's first month in Melbourne is now but a faded memories......

The moment she hugged me with tears in her eyes before she stepped out of the house....

The moment she was at the airport and finally boarded till I woke up the next morning trying so hard to contact her in the office was just too torturing...

Picture taken when she first landed.
All excited about her new room...
Her breakfast in the foreign land.

Her bed, we bought the linen and the cover from Ikea just 2 days before she flew.
The days when I came home from work everyday to an empty house....

The weekend afternoons at home alone were so quiet as if I am the only soul left in the world. The only sound I kept hearing was the sound I didn't recognize till much later, the sound from the ceiling fan.... and I thought it was from the highways far off...

The simple meals I prepared for myself during the weekends...

The TV shows and dramas I watched on all the weekends, with her beloved pet by my side.. 

The daily watsapps was my only console if nothing else to sooth my mind from missing her...

She sent me photos everywhere she went..

Her daily life spent with her friends, good and bad, happiness and miseries....

Exploring the most livable city in the world.

The train rides alone to downtown to meet her friends from high school...

The food she was eating, the theaters she admired, the places she visited....

I was with her, all the time....

She ran into her friend on the street, and he brought her around the South bank...

The Princess Theatre.

Orientation day...

The lot of them.
The Brighton beach house
Hosier street of art.
A primary school friend drove her to Ikea to buy table lamp and other stuff.
A visit to the Skydeck tower of Melbourne.
A visit to the zoo.

She got lucky during the Merdeka dinner organised by the Malaysian student club.
Skiing at Mt Buller.

Great Ocean Road during the sem break.
Train station where she frequented .

At the campus, mini zoo.

From winter to spring.

From spring to summer.
Study for finals.
Trip to Tasmania after the finals.

The last month went by in a blink of my eyes. Before I came to my senses, we were expecting her to be home. 

Downtown shopping.
Packing for home.

Back at home, I had her aircond and the ceiling fan replaced and her room clean to welcome her back.
Finally, on 30 November, she was all packed up and headed to the airport to fly home. 

At airport, bought the purse for her ma.
Boarded for home.

At the airport, checking the arrivals.
At the arriving gate, waiting longingly.
The home coming...

Finally, my girl.

The chapter in Melbourne is now over. We are grateful that everything went smoothly except some minor unforeseen circumstances. It was definitely beneficially for her to have a chance to live and study abroad even it's only for a short period of time. The life experience she gained is priceless and she had handled it very well.    

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