Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Bau came into the world after years of hope and countless attempts.

The doctor, Doctor Siti in SJMC called her the precious baby. Of course all babies are precious. But she is unusually precious to us.

She weighed 3.69kg, about 8lb+ when she is born on 26 Dec at 2.02am by c-section after 16hours of painful labor. I had admitted to the hospital on X'mas day by doctor's advise for induction as she is quite big in size. But she chose to be born on the next day.

When I woke up from the anesthetic the next morning, her father brought her to me in the rover crib, I saw a rounded and bloated baby bunddled in pink. She had thick black hair and small eyes. I also noticed that the skin was quite dark. When I was alone with her, she started to cry. I was so frighten. I didn't know what to do. I called out to her, "宝“ as we had not decided on the name yet, she stopped and turned her head to my direction. I was in tears for the first time, she heard me. I didn't even know how to hold her and was afraid to unfold her blanket to check her out. Was afraid that she had any defects on her body. I was relieved when the doctor came by later on to tell that she was perfectly formed.

When sister came to visit and hold her for the first time, she called her an ugly baby. According to her, this is "pantang", we were supposed to speak the opposite. 

On the second day, she developed jaundice and had to put in incubator with the eyes covered in cotton pads and her nose in tubes for treatment. When the nurse brought her to me for breast feeding with her teary eyes, my heart broke. My tears dropped thinking about her in the incubator crying helplessly. Then the nurse explained that it's actually good that she cried so that the lung open up.

So for 5 days we were in the hospital, i saw her only when it was feeding time. My heart hurt everytime the nurse pushed her into my room. They were so rough with the rover cribs, making a lot of noise. I was still very scared when I was alone with her. I was told she might not be able to go home with me as her jaundice was not fully recovered. I was so sad.

On the day I was supposed to be discharged, in the morning, I received a call from the nursery that she was well enough to go home with me. I was so delighted. So we went home together with my sister cuddling her and I walked slowly to the car. According to Chinese believe, she was to enter through the back door for reason I can't remember. Since we were staying in an apartment then, we could only entered the front door and exited again. So, Bau, this is our home sweet home. Welcome to the family and the world!

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