Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Interlude

It's been 3 months since I received the 3,000pcs Interlude. I have to admit that the progress is not going very well. Too many distractions, ie. internet, computer games, TV drama, books, travelling....lots of excuses too...


Very first step.

Anyway, I started to fix it 2 days after I received it. After sorting out all the pieces by colors, I proceeded with the most prominent part which is the panel at the bottom and the centre of the picture. It took a few days.

Then I continued with the faces and limbs. So far so good.

After the limbs came the dresses. When that was proved to be too tedious, I moved to the flowers. No easy job as well, but I managed with some hardship.

Next I filled up with the dresses and slowly the background. I am taking my own sweet time to do this. After all, there's no reason to rush.

So, this is the progress so far. Maybe I should speed up a bit, it's taking far too long.

Update 2/1/2013:

The puzzle is finally done after the longest time in my record.

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