Thursday, 28 March 2013

Qing Ming

Qing Ming was a very warm-hearted family affair this year.

Had a lot of light and even joyful moments. It was the first time for Bao. She was fascinated by the rituals of offerings and worships. The burning of "presents" of high end gadgets like iphone and other presents was a very funny moment, someone joked that she forgot to buy the charger. That made everyone laugh.

Wao, lots of presents! "Are you sure grandma and grandpa know how to use the iphone?"
"No worries! They can ask 2nd uncle, he sure knows!" 
"Oh no! I forgot to buy charger!"
"Can pinjam from 2nd uncle mah!"
 Bao found inserting of colourful flags and scattering of confetti on the grave mound interesting and fun.

Father and daughter working together. 

The family members like to tease her as she was the youngest and first timer. Everyone laughed when someone told her to speak in Hokkian to her great grandparents as they don't speak English, knowing that she doesn't speak a word of dialects. This was when they asked her to toss the coins to "ask" whether the great grandparents had finished with the food. But when it was at 2nd uncle's grave, they told her she could speak in Enligsh as he was a highly educated man.

"Great grandfather and grandmother, have you finished eating?"

2nd uncle was a highly educated man.  
"You can speak in English. He understand English!"
"When your pa was still a small boy, your 2nd granduncle would always put him on his lap and told him stories. He loved him very much." Father-in-law told Bao.

The weather was very hot, hence umbrellas were needed all the time. Everyone took turns to pay their respects with joysticks under the shade of umbrellas, hence the umbrellas girls and "our service is very good one" was heard saying and everyone started to laugh again.

3rd uncle's turn. "Umbrellas girls: Our service is very good one!"

4th uncle's turn.
Somehow as I grow "older" and maybe a little "wiser", I started to sense the meaning behind all the Chinese tradition festivals. I enjoy the wonderful moments spent with extended family members like the CNY. And most of all, for Bao, for her to know and appreciate the family ties which is actually very meaningful and important in everyone's life.

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