Monday, 14 January 2013

Bali - Unforgettable Uluwatu

On the last day of our Bali trip few years back, our guide drove us to Pura Luhur Uluwatu. The temple sat at the southernmost cliff of Bali, one of the many temples built to protect the Balinese from the evil. The sun was merciless, it was so hot and bright! But the view was stunning! As we walked along the cliff, we found ourselves facing the Bali sea. From the cliff, the color of the sea is turquoise, the shade of which is unforgettable! To me, it is as beautiful as the Grean Ocean Road in Australia!   
One of the best spots for photograph.
Tourists are being warned of the mischevious monkeys here. We witnessed how a monkey snatched a tourist's sunglasses while another monkey grabbed the hat! 
The temple itself is small in size but the it was dated back 11th century. As required, the tourists are asked to wear sarongs as a gesture of respect to the holy temple.
Love the shades of the color.

The path leading to the temple is right on the cliff. The view here is absolutely stunning.  It is my favorite among all the Bali attractions. 

 Shades of a beautiful sea, Blue, Turquoirse.

White foamy water formed from the rushing waves. Looks like white cotton and also white cream.



It's cliff clinging!

After this, we were then driven to the much acclaimed Jimbaran for our dinner by the beach with a view of beaitiful sunset before we ended our Bali trip.

So romantic!
Sunset at Jimbaran.


  1. Candy, it is indeed a beautiful place that so rich with culture and scenery. Is it a standard itinearary for a traveler to dine next to the beach and beautiful sunset?

    1. The local tour guide will usually plan this. Personally I think that Jimbaran is too commercialise with pricey seafood. But our guide did advise us not to order crab and lobster.

      I have been to Bali twice and love every bit of it. You are right, the culture is so rich and unique that you don't find it anywhere else.