Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Missing Kid

The case of missing boy William Yao has been widely spread for the whole of last week. This morning, the DNA test had confirmed the worst, the body they found is indeed William. In fact, the parents had already identified him last Friday. This is the worst punishment for the parents.

The news reminded me of my own horrifying experience that happened many years ago. Bau was about 3 years old then. I was in Sunway Pyramid with a friend tagging her along.

3 years old Bau.

We were walking towards the direction of the transparent lift which Bau enjoyed very much and she knew the place quite well.

I remembered the exact moment. I turned my head to my friend as I  was talking to her, and on the next second when I turned my head back,  I found out that Bau was not in front of me. Immediately I took a quick look around and saw no sign of her. My heart skipped a few beats and then immediately raced to 100 beats within a matter of less than a second.

"Bau lei?" i asked my friend stupidly as a reflective reaction. On the following second, my heart beat raced further up and at the same time I could feel the blood rushed up to my face and my brain. I started to dash around frantically and calling out her name fiercely.

My mind was racing with all sorts of the unthinkables and I was really cursing myself. I told myself if anything were to happen to her, I would have to kill myself. I even thought about the way to kill myself. I told myself  I probably would have to jump from a tall building. As I ran all over the place, I asked some passers by if they had seen my baby with choking voice and tears started to flow down my face.

"What if some one grab her and walk out of the mall?" The horror of this possibility sent me running to the information counter. As I was reaching the counter and was starting to shout to the staff, I saw the familar face sitting on a stool starring up to me with her innocent eyes! Oh, how sweet my baby's chubby face is!

I still remember the innocent look till today. Also remember the little Light Blue collared dress she wore and she way she sat with her chubby hands on her lap. She was too young to understand why mummy was hugging her and was crying terribly. Mummy swallowed the blames from the staff and felt very shameful. The staff, a middle age man, told me that a mother should never let go of her child's hand even for one second. I could only nod my head. Apparently Bau had struggled out of my grib and ran to the lift which was only a few  steps away. A kind hearted woman had brought her to the information counter!

I still shudder when I think back even though it was a long time ago. I was so lucky that nothing had happened to her. I also recall a book I read about a missing boy. I could almost hear the mother's anguish cries of "Ben...!!!!." from the book. How horrifying will it be for a parents to have loss their kid because of their own fault. William Yao's parents has to pay for their thoughtlessness. However, the price is really too high to pay! Nevertheless, I sympathize them for their lost. They will have to live with regrets for the rest of their life.

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