Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Bao - the following months (2)

We started to introduce solid food to her on the fourth month. Her first solid food was Nestle Cerelac infant cereal rice with different favours. Sometimes we added fresh fruits to enhance the taste. We also fed her Scott's Emulsion which is very rich in cod liver oil and I still remembered the smell.

She started her teething very early. She always put her fore finger in her mouth to chew. With the teething came the saliva. She had to wear baby bibs all the time. When we hold her up on her legs, she would always kicked her legs. Keeping her still was not possible, especially in the car.

When she was 5 months old, we took her to Penang to visit a cousin. We stayed at Leisure Cove Condo with very nice roof top swimming pool facing the sea. We went to the Botanical Garden. It was her first holidays.

As the normal progress of all babies, Bao learned to sit on her own by the seventh month. Then she started to crawl on the floor. She grabbed everything within her reach and put them into her mouth. We bought her teething toys to satisfy her aching gum.

Crawling on four
In the walker

At the same time, her hair was thinning out. She looked like a boy rather than a girl. She was not a pretty girl. She didn't have big round eyes but she was adorable in her own way.

Slowly, her character unfolded. She was very playful and always smile showing her toothless mouth. Whenever we played with her, she would response happily. She also started to make meaningless sound on her own. We even recorded her voice.

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