Sunday, 1 July 2012

House of Many Rooms

At last, my long awaited books had reached me all the way from USA.

The book, House of Many Rooms by Marius Gabriel is the book I had been hunting for over the years. Had tried Amazon, but they don't ship to Asia. It's not until I read Alice Teh's blogs that I know about They have both new and used books and a huge collections of them. Shipping is FOC. Well, they are actually raising
fund for literacy purposes, how thoughtful of the peaple behind this great ambitions. They started with humble background and work all the way with their partners. They called themselves The Online Bookstore with a Soul.
Ever since I had read The Original Sins and The Mask, I had wanted to read House of many rooms very desperately. Reason being, other than none, they are so great.

It's a pity that they do not have new copy. So I settled for old copy. Together, I had ordered The Other Daughter by Lisa Garder and Never Kiss A Stranger which they shipped seperately.

Never Kiss A Stranger by Madeleine Ker who is also Marius Gabriel's pseudonym for Mills and Boon. This will be my first read for Madeleine Ker.

Can't wait to indulge myself in these books.

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